Overview of Web 3.0:

Published by Travis Martin on
What Web 3.0 Means and How Web 3.0 Will Impact You:The term "Web 3.0" is often used to refer to the next internet revolution that will integrate blockchain technology and smart contracts with a decentralized network (hence, “web”) for it to be more accessible fo... Read More

Become a Profitable Affiliate with Amazon

Published by Travis Martin on
Get Started being an Amazon AffiliateYou've heard of Amazon's affiliate program and may be thinking about signing up for it, but you're not sure how to go about getting started.Let's take a look at the process in this article: ... Read More

How We Benefit From The Blockchain

Published by Travis Martin on
From: https://bitsonblocks.net
How the Blockchain Technology Benefits BusinessesBlockchain technology can be used to create a decentralized network of computers that all have the same data, which makes it nearly impossible for hackers to break intoThe blockchain is an open ledger that rec... Read More

Companies Buying Fake Reviews & Why You Cannot Trust Medi

Published by Travis Martin on
Companies are creating new brands and wish to look good for their potential customers. Therefore, they can do one of two things at time of publication to bolster or increase the perceived trust behind the new brand created by any company and is used by most. The first tactic is l... Read More


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