The Ugly Truth of Why It's News When a Male Assaults Another Male

It’s been a rough few weeks for men. A New York restaurant called The Union Kitchen has introduced a monthly “Man Tax,” where women will get to eat for free on Tuesdays and men will be charged double the bill. It’s a brilliant marketing ploy and a genius way to reduce the dining rush without hurting their business. If you think that sounds like reverse discrimination, you’re right. But do we need another article about it? So if we are keeping track of how many male celebrities have been accused of sexual assault or harassment in the last few weeks alone. If you look at the news, it seems as though men are awful and they keep doing unforgivable things. Why are men such monsters? Is it because they were raised by single mothers? Are millennial men just hopeless? Perhaps it's because humans are inherently evil and that is just what happens when you put them together in one area. We wouldn’t be able to tell from reading these articles but apparently, this is all part of some epidemic happening with male-on-male violence. Do you see what we mean when we say that there is something very wrong with society today? Let’s take a step back from all these media reports and have an objective look at why it’s news when a man assaults another man.

What is the real reason why it’s news when a man assaults another man?

We know that men are naturally less violent than women. That’s just a fact. If we look at the number of people who are murdered in America every year, we’ll see that men make up 88% of the victims. Men are three times more likely to be murdered than women. So, if we are seeing gobs of articles about men assaulting other men, that doesn’t add up with the numbers we have. In the most extreme cases of violent crime, we have seen that it’s women who are murdering their partners and children, not men.

The Ugly Truth About Society and Assault

Assault and domestic violence are not just about one person harming another. It’s about power and control. Women have been fighting for their voices to be heard and for their rights to be equal for years and while they’ve made great progress, it’s still a long way to go. But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about how male-on-male violence is rarely talked about. Because of this, men are growing up thinking that violence is the best way to solve any problem. They are not encouraged to speak up when they are being abused. Instead, they are told to keep their feelings inside because they are “manning up.” When they see celebrities or other men in the media being abusive, they think it’s okay. They think that it’s just “part of being a man.”

Men Are Respected More When They’re Violent

No one is going to disagree with the fact that society has always been pretty unfair to women. They have only been able to vote for about a century and many of them still aren’t paid the same as men for the same job. However, as much as we all hate to admit it, society has always been unfair to men as well. If you look at the suicide rates in America, you’ll see that men make up 80% of suicides. This means that men are committing suicide three times more often than women. When men get into an abusive relationship, they are 19% less likely to leave that relationship than women. Why is this? Because society tells men that they have to be tough and they have to be able to deal with it or else they are not “real men.” Society tells men that they have to put up with abuse or else they are a “pussy.”

How many males vs female victims are there in America?

Let’s keep this in mind as we continue through this article: men are the majority of victims of domestic abuse in America. We know that domestic abuse is when one partner in the relationship controls the other. It’s about power and control. This can be done through physical violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial control, or spiritual abuse. When you look at the numbers, you’ll see that between the years 1993-2017, 87% of the people who were killed due to domestic violence were men. 87%! We know that men are the majority of victims in domestic abuse situations but why do we not see this talked about more? If a man is murdered by his partner, it’s news. If a woman is murdered by her partner, it’s also news.

So what is the real problem here and what can we do to fix it?

The real problem here is that we are not talking about this enough. If we were talking about it, things would start to change. Things would start to get better. If we are talking about how men are the majority of victims in domestic abuse situations, if we are talking about how men are committing suicide at a much higher rate than women, if we are talking about how society is shaming men for being abused by their partners, then things will change for the better. We need to be talking about this more and we need to be talking about it everywhere. This is a serious issue that is hurting men across the country and we need to talk about it together so things can change.

Ways to change our current culture in America and help men who are suffering from domestic abuse.

- Talk about this more. We need to take this problem out of the shadows and talk about it. We need to start having conversations about this and get people thinking about this problem. - Keep an eye out for signs of abuse. If you notice your friend or family member is withdrawing from their normal activities, has unexplained injuries or marks on their body, or is experiencing financial problems (like suddenly having bad credit), they may be in an abusive relationship. - Start a conversation. If you have a friend or family member who is in an abusive relationship, try to start a conversation about it. Let them know that you’re there for them and that you have resources for them.


Violence is never the way to solve any problem. If we are raising boys in a society where violence is the norm and anyone who doesn’t display that level of violence is “soft,” we are doing society a major disservice. The best way to help men who are suffering from domestic abuse is to educate them on their options and how they can get help. If you are experiencing abuse of any kind, you are not alone and help is available.

This post was written in response to Devonte Adams pushing a Credentialed Employee for the NFL at Arrowhead Stadium, in which the employee has filed a police report which is will be sought as soon as possible via FOIA - however, in my personal opinion, there is a time and place for a lawsuit and even police report, as the individual was able to get up and seemingly able to do their job immediately following being pushed by Adams. But, after a large survey was completed on the American public well, most people have three (3) ways to plan for retirement 1) Inheritance but do not know of a relative who is "wealthy", 2.) Winning the Lottery (1:40,000,000 odds roughly) and 3) A Lawsuit (or rather winning a lawsuit).

This is an extremely poor way to plan, as the individual who was pushed by Adams, may indeed have a case, but again in my opinion he will be hard-pressed to show that he has any actual damages, but I refuse to judge anything other than he was able to get up immediately, which is meaningless due to the number of emotions that would hit a person immediately upon being pushed by an NFL player. All conclusions will be reserved until I obtain the Police Report, which I will redact before publishing.

The Police Report Narrative States:


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