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Product Brander | Marketing Expert | eCommerce Consultant

Product Branding

Led a team of six while coaching others how to sell on various eCommerce platforms however, centering on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Forty-six (46) former clients taking home at least 100K every year from their business, private label brand and hard work!

Product to Market

Ensuring polices are in place to hit time goals for investors and yourself are wildly undervalued. In fact, more often than not it is the product CEO who is blocking a launch!


An eCommerce Savant - assisting sellers to get setup on multiple different marketplaces from Amazon, Etsy, Jet and Walmart and everything in between - Multichannel Marketing is a MUST if you wish to sell like the Giants!

Personal Privacy & Security

2022 into 2023 has shown that Security Incidents are going to be the "Norm" and as

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Work Life

345,000 +

Answer Views on Quora

Over 100 People from 60 Separate Countries

Personally Mentored, One-on-One, on eCommerce Selling (specifically Amazon FBA)

2x Successful Exit

Sold two (2) of my Previous Businesses for a Profit

Multi-Channel eCommerce Expert

From Amazon to Walmart and everything in between (including infamous Etsy) as the founder of FBA Coaching, now FBA Authority; I have personally coached people from over sixty-five different countries, all of different skill levels. The people that started out with me from zero, of those people forty-six (46) are now selling over 100K in revenue a year.

Listing Optimization

The largest weekly jump seen has been an unranked item to top 1% in Office Products, ranked #16,784. We do not buy reviews, or allow our clients to just lose money.

Online/Hybrid Arbitrage

Taught by the "Godfather" in the Industry (Mr. Chris Green) - We are able to adapt to the needs of our clients. But most overlook both Retail and Online Arbitrage. This is a mistake. Why? Because it is possible to continually double or very close, and this is especially beneficial for those on a "limited budget" or just wishing to pursue a side hustle!

Product to Market

You remembered to get an independent inspector for you Private Label Product, right? And you have a Freight Forwarder in place, correct? What about the logistics of thousands of units when they land on US Soil? Do you plan on just sending un-inspected units to Amazon or are you going to inspect them all yourself? All of these are questions you should have answered but likely do not - get in touch!

Book a Call Today!

No Charge & Happy to Provide an Encrypted Platform

The Internet Allows One to Access the World Market - Also to Sell to the Entire World!

Changing the Ability to Both Help Others And Make Money

Product Launch

If you have launched but are not seeing the sales you were expecting or would like to see, get in touch for a consult and I am extremely honest with clients and potential clients. I NEVER let people throw money away (especially on me) that is a waste of money - and you will never be asked for lump sums up front!

Ripped Off?

Being as well connected as I am, I likely know the person who ripped you off, but I Do Not Stand for this - I have had over $16,000 refunded to my clients and just others who have asked me to step in to enforce the refund policy of another coaching group. I am not an attorney but I am a legal expert, and carry a full legal team. Everyone knows this about me, and provides a refund ASAP if I get involved.

Amazon Ungating or Amazon Account Restrictions

We assist with both of these and do not bill you should we fail. To my knowledge we are the only group that bills like attorneys or medical professionals (giving you the bill AFTER we complete your order) and then also putting ourselves at risk by taking orders that we may not be paid for but still completing the work.

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